Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Onward HO!

The next stop on our locust tour of destruction is the downstairs bathroom/dog washing station.  I realize it's a little weird to have the "After" photo first in the lineup, but I couldn't bear to make you look at the "Before" first thing, so here it is:

As you can see, we left the vanity/sinktop, which wasn't too bad.  Contractor grade, but functional and in good condition--I actually liked the faucet.  The toilet was a 1971 original and used about 10 gallons of water with each flush, so we went for the more attractive Kohler model as well as changing out the drawer pulls, medicine cabinet, over the sink light, window treatments and window moldings and ditched the wallpaper for plain white walls.  For reasons known only to them, the prior owners installed a really nice solid wood door and didn't bother to stain or finish it.  LAM went to town with the polyurethane and I think the end result is quite handsome.  The new trim is a nice seafoam color as seen in more detail here:

Next on the list for this room is a new floor since the old one wasn't prepared properly and the grout is a mess--also white tiles in a high traffic room with a black dog is a disaster.  I vacuum up dog hair  As I've mentioned before, the shower is a walk-in with doors so when bathing a dog, I just walk them in and basically give them a "shower" with the handset.  They "shake" and then I open the door and we're done--no mess and the dog didn't escape.  The doors are not the most attractive thing on the planet, but they work.  My guys have even come to enjoy bath time and that's priceless!


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