Friday, March 23, 2012

White jeans in March

Thanks to Kate Middleton and sister, one of my pre-conceived notions of fashion and life in general have been obliterated and I am talking of course, about white jeans.  Not just white jeans after Memorial Day, but white jeans period, since I was convinced that they would make me look like I was at best, wearing nurse pants and at worst, washed out and sickly.  I have blonde hair and so naturally gravitate toward darker colors and jeans for me were supposed to be, you know, blue.  I'm not sure exactly when or how it happened, but it was like someone turned a switch and I decided that I would simply curl up and die if I couldn't find the perfect pair of skinny white jeans.  I think it went something like this: every single shopping trip I went on, I would pick something up and say, "Oh, this is cute--it would look perfect with white skinny jeans." and so began the quest.  The criteria was that they needed to be tight enough to make me look fabulous, but not so tight that I would look like I was trying too hard.  Easier said than done.  Enter Anthropologie, my new fashion enabler.  I love that for the most part, they don't sell their own label, but rather cull the best of the best of what's out there.  I can run all over chasing my tail trying to find the perfect thing, or just go there because I know that they try to weed out all of the crap.  They offer several white jean selections and I actually originally went for the Pilcro.  If I'm being honest, I will have to admit that what I fell in love with was the feel of the denim.  It's like butter.  That, and the salesgirl saying, "They fit you perfectly".  When I got home, I realized that they didn't.  Besides being about five inches too long (no big deal since I am 5' 2", EVERYTHING is too long and I have become a pro at hemming), some designer genius decided that the front pockets should be tan and white gingham.  Um, really?  On white pants?  After trying them on with everything in my closet, I found that I didn't own anything that would hide these goofy pockets.  It just looked stupid.  The final nail in the coffin was that the divine buttery fabric made for a super soft floppy waistband.  I am sure there are some women who would love this, but since I have a sort of annoying shape (straight up and down with a stomach that is not perfectly flat), the floppy soft waist just accentuated the lack of flat stomach instead of camouflaging it like great jeans do.  Back they went.  I decided to give Anthro one last chance and tried on one pair of every white skinny they had.  Here is my personal take on the inventory: Joe's Jeans Kicker: These might have been a winner since they were the only pair I tried on that would not have need hemming, however, they were not as low-rise as I like and the denim was really heavy and stiff.  I had a hard time imagining that I would want to wear these on hot days.  Current / Elliot Skinny Crops: These were probably the weirdest jeans I have ever tried on.  A true crop, they were pretty short and mid-calf on me just makes me look shorter.  The other issue was sizing.  I am either a 2 or 4 or 26 or 27 depending on manufacturer and cut.  I tried these in every size they had and they were all huge including the 25's.  While I pondered who exactly these jeans were made for, I came across the holy grail.  The AG Stevie Straight: Yes Virginia, there is a jean god and his name is Adriano Goldschmied.  These were also about five inches too long for me and if Anthro had the "ankle" version in white, they may have been perfect, but I am beyond being that picky.  The fabric is heavy enough to hide panty lines, but not so heavy that they would be too hot, it was soft, but the waistband was nice and firm, comfy and flattering.  Heck, they even made my butt look good.  The one single thing that I wasn't crazy about was the price: $164.  A lot to pay for one pair of jeans, but I look at it this way--if they fit perfectly I will get a ton of wear out of them and one pair of great fitting jeans much better than two lower priced pairs that don't look as good.  And look good they do.

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