Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Grey Dress

As we come to the close of summer, we are constantly reminded by the media that the fun times should be over.  Facebook friends show pictures of their kids on the first day of school (I don't get this--since when does school start in August???), tv ads announcing Labor Day sales abound and I remain...in denial.  Don't get me wrong--I love fall--the same way I love Sundays.  They are both tainted by what is to come next, winter and Monday morning respectively.  Summer equals freedom, sunshine, top down, cocktails, sand and surf...and...little dresses.

Enter one little grey dress.  The Teju by Theory.  If you can get past the smirk on the model's face (she looks like all the mean girls I went to high school with that I try hard to forget) and the fact that the dress looks insanely short, this is one of the best pieces I own.  Recently acquired at my local Theory outlet (the Philadelphia Premium outlets in Limerick are both a blessing and a curse because they are all too convenient), LAM made me try it on and then demanded that I buy it.  I choked a little at the price which seemed insane for what is basically a t-shirt dress, but later when I tried to wash it and noticed the "dry clean only" label, it became apparent that it's actually a wool/cotton blend and expertly cut.  If you are petite, the length hits right above the knee.  Thanks to the wool, it never wrinkles.  It also looks great with the following items:

The Michael Kors Jalita Charm sandal.  If you are like me and never really learned how to walk in high heels, these are a brain wave.  They LOOK like heels, and if you are 5'1" and desperately need the height, they add a good two inches, but the foot bed is remarkably flat.

For those times when you are forced to suffer in over-air conditioned buildings (supermarkets of the world, I'm talking to you), a detailed circle sweater like this one from Cabi (another local outlet) is the perfect layering piece.  A regular cardigan would look fine, but the plainness of the t-style dress is the perfect canvas for something with more detail.  Thanks to global warming, it stays nice enough right through September to go bare legged.  With a little maintenance from St. Tropez self tanner, one can remain in denial straight through to Halloween.

 As we transition to fall, a cashmere option fits the bill nicely.  I have been salivating over this Ralph Lauren model and sad to tell you that I don't own it, but I did find one really similar in Neiman Marcus last year.  Here's a secret: for really great cashmere pieces of VERY high quality, check out the lingerie / lounge wear department--especially right after Christmas when everything is marked down.

Btw, I have tried a variety of scarves with this dress and they all look perfectly ridiculous.  I have no idea why, but suffice it to say that this dress seems to have been meant to go with a great sweater.

For weekend errands, I have found that there is one bag I just don't want to be without:

My good 'ol trusty Neverfull.  After an insane amount of deliberation, I settled on the PM.  I am here to tell you that this sucker is NEVER FULL.  I have stuffed the most insane things in it and it always seems to work.  If I have one complaint, I wish the straps were a little longer so it would go on the shoulder a bit easier, but I don't think I would want it to be any bigger.  An investment piece for sure, but I am a firm believer in not skimping on the following: haircuts/color, winter coat, shoes, watches, and handbags.  These are the things you wear over and over and over again.  Your hair, bag and watch you wear every day.  Make it something you really, really love.


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