Monday, February 11, 2013


This print hangs in my dining room and I'm not sure that anyone but me pays enough attention to it to really understand what is going on here.  It's a Mark Stock painting from a series called "The Butler's In Love".  My former in laws were lucky enough to own one of the originals from this series--same butler standing against a similar wall (the color is more of an acid green), white gloved hand curled in anguish at his mouth--he looks to be in the throes of an impossible situation.  Because he is.  He is in love with the lady of the house, who he cannot have.  Ever.  My ex's parents have a vast art collection, but no one single piece ever jumped out to me the way this enormous, bold and wonderful piece did.  I used to position myself so that I could always look at it.  I was delighted to find this print so that I could keep the butler with me and although a print is never the same as an original piece, I think I might like this one even more.  Since he is contemplating the lipstick on the glass, you have a better sense of what is going on and the use of color is just stunning.

Another piece from the series, the emotion conveyed is just wonderful.

When was the last time a painting grabbed you?


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