Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dear Cupid

Love comes in many forms and takes many shapes.  I love my husband.  I love my dogs.  I love my family and all of my friends.  And I love my cars.  One more than all the others.  Yes, I play favorites and yes, it is possible to love a machine.  You see, I remain, as ever, in complete awe of the E30 M3.  Created for the sole purpose of being a racecar (BMW was forced to sell them to the general public because the DTM rules demanded that they do so) to kick Mercedes-Benz's butt.  It is the most winning BMW in history.  This is not my car, but it looks almost exactly like it.

Even down to the blue harnesses.  This is a model I found on ebay.  I have the perfect place for it--cupid are you paying attention?  You can forget the overpriced flowers and chocolates.  I think this baby needs to come live with me.

How can I feel actual, genuine love for a machine, you ask?  Um, because I can do this with it:

That's Watkins Glen International Raceway and this part of the track is called the "Esses".  Imagine climbing a hill with three turns, with your right foot planted firmly on the floor.  When I learned to drive this track, my instructor said, "There is only way to drive this section.  Put your foot down and steer as smoothly as you can.  You may NOT lift your right foot.  If you lift, the back end of the car will come around and you will hit the guardrail.  Keep feeding power to the rear wheels and the car will stay on the track."  That was a long time ago and I have driven so many thousands of laps on this track that it feels like home.  And there is no place like home.

This is the place where I am usually the happiest.  In an odd way, I am the essence of myself all suited up and on the track.  I am not short, I am not tall, not old, not young, not rich, not poor.  I am a driver.  My goal is to be fast.  To be at one with the machine, and totally and completely in the present. 

Is there someplace where you are completely and totally in the present?


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  1. Go speed racer go.
    That looks like fun. Great ride.