Friday, February 1, 2013

A Study in Contrasts

Strange things are a foot in Philadelphia this morning.  It started snowing like crazy just as I was getting ready to leave for the office and right about that moment, I noticed that this azalea had seemingly also taken that opportunity to begin blooming as though its life depended on it.  'Cause it sorta did...  This poor plant has been hanging out in my kitchen garden window for the last two years and each week I would look at it and try to decide whether to water it or throw it away (it looked that bad).  Recently, it seemed to somehow find a second wind and after over a year of nothing whatsoever, voilà!

On another slightly unrelated, but surprising note, I noticed yesterday that my supply of paper checks was getting low.  While I detest the idea of writing a check and putting it in the mail, it is still a necessary evil from time to time.  Ordering checks has always frustrated me since the offerings both from my bank and various online check printers was well, a vomit-worthy design nightmare.  More often than not, I would go the blue safety route, refusing to have something printed with my name on it that also contained kittens, rainbows, country vistas, religious and/or inspirational messages, or retina-searing patterns.  And then I found these:

Found at Checks in the Mail, these were a refreshing breath of fresh air.  Hopefully, LAM won't protest over the pink ones too much.

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