Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fabrigasm Weekend

I have been a super frustrated individual for some months now because two things happened in my life that created a great conflict.  One, I discovered Amy Butler fabrics (yes, apparently I HAVE been living under a rock, but more on that later) and two, could not find a single store within reasonable driving distance of my house that carried them.  I am happy to tell you that as of this weekend, not only has that problem been solved, but I have been led straight into an addiction that is sure to increase the rewards points on my Visa card straight into complimentary Hawaiian vacation territory.

The first thing that pushed me down the evil path of destruction was my good friend Sarah telling me about a wholesale home dec fabric outlet in Delaware.  Yup, wholesale, outlet--tax free.  Stick a fork in me.  Interior Alternatives is a veritable wonderland of high end wholesale fabric that I nearly fainted when I walked through the door.  One problem--not a single bolt of Amy Butler fabric in sight.  One giant armload of bargains later, I was happy, but still unfulfilled.  Sunday brought another cloudy, semi-chilly day, which allowed me to feel less guilty about not working outside and broadening my retail search.  I had been on the Amy Butler website earlier and looked up store locations with zero success.  Fabrics on the Hill in Chestnut Hill, PA was suggested and yielded nothing but being yelled at for having the audacity to enter with a coffee cup in my hand.  I get it, but I am an adult and had they been nice about it, I might have not have turned on my heel and marched out the door upon realizing that they didn't have what I was looking for and then had no desire to give them any business.  With a little more diligent examination, the search showed a store in Narberth called Cloth and Bobbin.  Hmm, my curiosity was piqued and after reading the glowing reviews on, I couldn't wait to visit.  I wasn't disappointed.  They didn't carry the entire Amy line, but had all of the quilting fabrics as well as some others that I might never have found.  Their owner Johanna was one of the nicest, most welcoming shop owners I have encountered in a long time and I can't wait to return.  A quick shot of my weekend haul is shown below.  I cannot wait to dig in!

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