Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're baaaaaccckkkkk

We've been away and we're very sorry.  You see, there have been things that needed tending to...such as...squirrels...

It's a very important job you know.

There have been road trips...

And of course, quality Mummy time...

But we're back and we're rested and we have things to share.

For starters, I turned 40.  Not a big deal at all really, except my skin didn't get the memo.  Major problem here is that my skin has hated me since I was 12.  I somehow imagined that miraculously, on my 40th birthday, the madness would stop.  I even went as far as to stop using my phony supermarket Proactiv type stuff and go au-naturel.  BIG MISTAKE.  My teenage years came roaring back with an evil vengeance as if to penalize me for being so bold as to believe that as I slide near middle age I could be lucky enough to be like a regular person.  Oh no, I have the facial lines, gray  highlighted hair, AND the zits.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.  Well, things go so bad that my husband remarked on newly sprouted youth.  It was time to toss the supermarket products and bring out the big guns.  Here are a couple things I found that work and HOLY CRAP do they work.  I won't bore you with the whole lineup, just the stars of the show:

DDF Brightening Cleanser.  Where has this product been my whole life?  Kinda like a mini-chemical peel every time you cleanse.  My skin was clearer and smoother after just a few uses.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.  Crazy expensive for what it is, so I use it sparingly with my Clarisonic.  Worth.  Every.  Penny.

DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion.  These two are the dynamic duo.  The gel has double the BP that is in Proactiv and the supermarket stuff.  It's not for lightweights.  It works (for me anyway).  The Buffering Lotion is the zap that my stubborn jaw line needed.  I tried it on a whim because it's (actually the whole line is) really reasonably priced, so it wasn't a huge gamble.  I'm glad I did.

This last cast member is the icing on the cake.  I've recently fallen in love with Fresh's Citron de Vigne perfume and decided to try this one because of all the accolades I have been reading.  They're not kidding and at $25 a tube, it really SHOULD be great.  Seriously, I tossed all my other lip balms.  Smells fabulous and feels divine.

This is one I haven't tried yet, but it's on the list.  The color reminds me of the old standby Clinique Black Honey, but possibly with a better scent/texture.  I'll keep you posted.  Btw, if Santa is listening, these would make lovely stocking stuffers.

As a footnote, I don't receive compensation from any of these companies for any of this stuff.  I wish.  All photos courtesy of the company websites.  Also thanks to Birchbox for turning me on to DDF, because before it appeared in my boxes, it was not even on the radar.


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