Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Citizens of Humanity and other introductions

Right now I am having a serious "d'oh moment".  You know, the kind you have when you realize you could have done something and didn't because you forgot it was there, forgot you owned it, forgot that it existed?  Today is one of those weird indian summer days when it looks gloomy and cool, but the weather forecast promises that it will be perfectly lovely later on.  I hate days like this because I always end up staring at my closet for a good 20 minutes staring at my clothes trying to figure out what to wear that I will not regret later in the day.  It really shouldn't be that hard, because this is what my closet looks like:

Everything is color coordinated, neatly hung and relatively easy to see.  And yet, I still forget what I have in there.  I mentioned in a previous post about pinning things on Pinterest and then pulling out my laptop to get dressed.  That was not tongue-in-cheek.  So, here's today's big regret:  I own these:

A really cool end of season 6 PM find, I am convinced that suede espadrilles are the perfect spring/fall shoe--just perfect for a day like today.  NOT just perfect for staying hidden in their box, so I can forget that I have them, which leads me to my other great revelation.  These WOULD have been perfect with the jeans I wore today.  Let me give you a little background info on that little find.  Last year I was on a mad search for the perfect dark wash skinny crop jean, which led me to these:

The Citizens of Humanity Dani Crop.  Buttery soft, perfect fitting nirvana jeans.  I loved them so much I bought a pair in white:

When it finally dawned on me that I had hit paydirt as far as the COH fit (apparently the designers had my particular body shape in mind when designing them), I figured it was time to hit up ebay for cheap castoffs (I'm not proud) since buying another pair at full price would induce a meltdown and I found these:
The racer skinny.  At least, that's what I think they are.  Perfect fit once I hemmed about four inches off the bottom.  When you are 5' 2" you get REALLY good at hemming--especially jeans since every premium denim manufacturer seems to think that all women are six feet tall.  So, this is what I wore today.  You can just imagine how cute this would have been with the espadrilles...

I'm not sure I've ever introduced the little black and white blob who was trying to take advantage of the photo-op.
This is Nick.  He is a rescued Border Collie who was named after former BMW Formula One driver Nick Heidfeld.  When he's not velcroed to my leg, he is mostly concerned with the wheabouts of his vaaaast collection of toy chickens.  He is a true connoisseur of poultry.

I want to leave you all with one other random thing that has nothing whatsoever to do with closets, jeans, shoes or dogs.  I have found a new wine.  Yup, decided to branch out from my chardonnay loyalties and try something new and I am quite smitten.
Honig Sauvignon Blanc.  It is really quite lovely and it comes in a really cool bottle that has a bumble bee on the label.  I'm not afraid to admit that is the reason I decided to try it.  Please don't judge me.  Have a great day everyone!

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