Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 3: "Your Neighborhood"

I tried to show the insane elevation changes that make up my neighborhood.  Somehow, it just doesn't translate the same in photos as it does when you're walking it or driving through it in the snow.  Every year when it snows we make popcorn and watch our neighbors try to drive to their houses.  Last year two of them ended up on our lawn.  It wasn't so funny then.

A happy accident of my wandering around the neighborhood looking for ways to show elevation is that I noticed this house with the red roof for the first time.  I know the people who live there because I rescued their pug "Gucci", twice but had no idea exactly where their house was.  It appears that over the winter they renovated and added a red metal roof.  It looks great and now it's impossible to miss.

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