Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dreaming of pleasant things

This is the sort of day we're having in Philadelphia.  It's insanely cold.  Some of us had to get up anyway and get on with our day.  Others did not.  Since I could not stay under the duvet with Nick, I decided to share some things that have popped up on my radar that are keeping my mind off of the fact that I'm freezing.

First, this is one slick little gadget.  The iclooly phone handset is a great way to use/charge your smartphone on your desk or nightstand.  Since just about everything in my life is controlled by this little white box, I am never without it and never want the battery to go dead.  The handset also solves the problem of not being able to hold my phone between my shoulder and ear.  I hate bluetooth devices and lets face it--a good old fashioned handset is just better when you're sitting at a desk and don't need to move around.  As an added bonus, you can use the phone while talking--Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I don't need an excuse to buy books--not ever, but these cloth bound Penguin classics simply took my breath away.  What a wonderful gift for a young person!  My favorite design is the Sense and Sensibility cover, but they are all lovely. is having a deal on sets.  This would be a great purchase to stash away for a birthday or next Christmas or just to add something gorgeous to your library or table top.
In keeping with the book theme, I have wonderful blogger PVE turned me on to this gorgeous recipe binder.  My recipes are currently housed in an old book that pretty.  This is definately on my list.  Since my recipe book sits propped on my counter about 90% of the time, it would be nice if it were something that I enjoyed looking at on a regular basis.  Found at Sugar Paper.

And there is scent...

A recent trip to Blue Mercury turned me on to Lafco candles.  I was really blown away, not just by the scrumptious scents (and there are tons of them), but the gorgeous hand blown glass jars.  This is a candle jar that you will never throw away since it would make a great pencil holder, vase, or as my father would say, "thing to put things in".  The Duchess Peony would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift.

Unfortunately, this photo does not do this candle justice.  The light blue greens in this glass are stunning in person and would make the perfect addition to your beach house (or as a hostess gift to someone else's!) or to simply have in your home and dream of the beach.

Lastly, this color has been popping up on my radar a lot lately.
Something between a lavendar and light blue--this is a flattering color on just about anyone, particularly blondes.  Seriously has me dreaming about warmer weather.  The Graham Pastel Studded Wrap is the perfect piece to transition into spring.


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  1. Elizabeth,
    I do love that bright cheery pink RECIPE binder. Thanks for posting such goodies and it does help to think Spring and sunny things.
    Hope it's warmed up a bit by you. We are having a SNOW day here.