Monday, November 5, 2012

A Cure for Cold Hands

I have tiny small person hands and they are almost always cold.  Enter one new Zippy Whip with a great new feature: the heated steering wheel.

This is the part where I should be telling you all about how great it is and how indispensable it has become (like the heated seats), but because of the placement of the button--you can see it right there on the steering column, I have never used it.  That would be because I can't see it and like anything else, out of sight usually means out of mind.

Also, while this is a great idea when you're driving the car, it is useless when you are the passenger (a state I try to avoid at all costs) or when you are not actually IN the car.  To compound the problem, when I AM in the car and in the driver's seat, my ability to manipulate the wheel, guages and shift lever is of utmost importance. 
When I drive on the track, this is what I wear.  Nomex gloves with deerskin palms in bright red.  The reason for the red is so that my hands are easier for my students and other drivers to see.  They fit perfectly and allow me to grip the wheel with perfect precision.  I adore them.  Sadly, wearing them in my regular life is not an option since they present a fashion dilemma of the highest order and so a daily driving alternative must be found.  Enter a second first world problem.  My iPhone.  You cannot operate an iPhone with gloved hands unless you can find a Borg-like pair with the metal thingees on the fingers.  Compound that with my need for fit and grippiness and well, good luck.

Here it is: the answer to the problem.  The North Face eTip glove.  They come in a ludicrous range of sizes (my perfect fit was an XXS), have rubber grippies on the fingers and palms and the smartphone enabling metal tips.  The fact that they make me feel like the bionic woman while wearing them is a bonus.

Stay warm...

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