Monday, April 2, 2012

Oooh Minty

Since I have started playing with my new waterbrush and watercolor pencils, it has occurred to me that my pens, pencils, brushes, erasers, etc do not a have a proper home for life on the go.  Normally, I would keep these items in a pencil cup on my desk in my studio or in a drawer, but this does not work when I want to take them with me, so today I began the search for a pencil case.  Something I haven't owned since the first grade.  The first place I looked has become my favorite go-to website for all things pen and pencil: Jet Pens.  If you are looking for Japanese pens, pencils, erasers, funky office supplies, notebooks and cases of all sorts this is the place to look.  They have a wide variety of cases, but these gorgeous leather offerings seriously made me swoon.  The color makes me think of summertime and clear ocean water and fabulous destinations to sketch and the leather looks incredible.  I cannot wait for them to arrive.

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